Saturday, 29 March 2014

Why It’s Impossible To Forget Portsmouth University

Over the past year, (well 6 months, but i like to make it sound longer) I have been studying photography at Portsmouth University.. and no, its not just instagram and selfies, even if that is a large portion of it. Photography is a good way of showing the stupid ideas in your head on a camera and making everyone aware to stay away from you because you probably deserve to be locked up.
The halls I stayed in were small, cramped, had no en suite bathrooms and people that steal food (i’ll get onto that at a later blog post). Not so desirable.
The city itself, well.. hasn’t got much to it.. and the locals.. well most of them look like they could easily sneak onto the Jeremy Kyle show and get away with it.

But enough bitching about it.. because frankly, I chose to go there. However, recently, as most will know because i won’t shut up about it.. I got accepted into London College of Fashion to do Fashion Photography.. which I accepted, and will be doing..

So really I wanted to say goodbye to everyone, without doing a totally predictable status about how everyone was lovely which is what the entire world does. No, instead, for the first time this day, I’m being hipster and writing it in a blog post.

to be honest, I haven’t enjoyed the university.. but thats just the university.. the people inside that university, could possibly be some of the greatest people I have ever met. sure, we all make enemies.. and we make friends too, but at the end of the day, when you go, you rank your enemies just as high as you do your good ol’ bum chums. Believe it or not, I will actually miss everyone, all for different reasons.. some more than others, and some.. just a little bit. I’m not too sure where to carry this blog, so i’m pretty much just sitting on a train home, looking out at that phallic shaped tower in the distance thinking of the positives rather than the negatives..

But some people you just can’t forget.. and you all know who you are and if i didn’t add you.. message me, and i’ll fix that.

I will never forget the 2nd week in where we broke into my next door neighbours room through the window and moved the entire contents into the living room whilst he’s out telling his family how nice we are.
I will never forget having that one spanish guy in the halls who was happier than the rest and always tried to make every one else happy.
I will never forget the protein obsessed gym guy who listened to nothing buy ‘Bugatti’ 50000 times on repeat.
I will never forget the small pocket sized Indian Hipster who claimed he was from Saudi Arabia and Dubai.
I will never forget the rather tall english man who is and always will be obsessed with his girlfriend even though me and hipster indian man kept teasing you.. that is the epitome of true love.
I will never forget the bovril queen on the floor below me who sent snapchats of herself doing a sad face nonstop.
I will never forget the corridor that always had their doors open.. who’s residents included a french woman, a horse lover, a surfer and a guy who on my last day dropped his towel and walked into his room proudly.
I will never forget the 3am singing sessions outside from a certain welsh person who can take on 6 bouncers in a club and survive.
I will never forget the guy with the MASSIVE afro who skated everywhere whilst running over his bottom lip which dropped oh so low.
I will never forget my other Iranian at the uni and how you never actually taught me farsi like you promised.
I will never forget the worlds craziest and loudest girl ever who didn’t even live in halls but still managed to get in nonstop.
I will never forget my super-lenient neighbour who puts up will ALL the noise i make through out plasterboard wall
I'll never forget the guy that screams 'JONNY' at his online games.
I'll never forget the guy that says what he wants.. including 'YOU WOT MATE'

but most of all I will never forget all the people that made these last 6 months some of the best of my life.

you guys are the best.

- Oli

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