Saturday, 8 March 2014

Who are Molly and Oli? - Oli

So I'm Oli. As you can tell, I'm a photographer (had to choose the classic 'pose-with-my-camera-pic'). I'm currently not living in my hometown which is sad because I do love London. I actually live in Portsmouth and study photography at the university there.
I enjoy a nice pair of slacks (CLASSIC ANCHORMAN QUOTE), films, fashion, food (especially) and of course, trying to keep up with society.

When I'm actually shooting, I tend more to specialise in portraits and fashion rather than taking photos of say.. a field.. or a tree in the field. And of course, selfies and food photos for instagram have to come under my range of expertise. (you can view my website at (cheeky bit of self promotion))

So to sum myself up? I'm loud, I'm random and well really, I'm Oli.

- Oli

photo credit - minhaj ahmed

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