Monday, 10 March 2014

What Makes British Seaside Resorts What They Are

Now, as we all know, this past weekend has been the first, of what we hope to be many perfect weekends in the run up to summer. The weather has been absolutely brilliant. Although, still technically winter, it has maybe not been hot enough to get into out swimsuits and go for a dip in the sea or outdoor pool if you have one. However, it was definitely warm enough, and sunny enough, to dust off those pair of sunglasses that you kept surrounded by sand bags during the floods a few weeks ago and go down to the sea side, even just for a family day out.

Luckily for me, the seaside is not far away (more like a 5 minute walk). So, we set off, and as you approach, you get this buzz of atmosphere of people trying to make the most of the lovely British wind chill, with the mediocrely hot sun. Just on the way I counted 6 people sunbathing, and a whole park packed full of people barbecuing, playing frisbee, football and having picnics. It really doesn't get more British than that. I mean, one bit of sun, and everyone goes crazy.

Unfortunately though, this meant that the actual coastline and amusements would be absolutely packed. Contrary to what I had thought, (and i thought being term time, it should be empty) the area was packed full of people. Queue's for every stall, for using cashpoints, and don't even get me started on fish and chips.

It seems, that a mere 14 degrees of sun, is enough to keep a chip shop open for at least a year. You could smell the vinegar from a good 5 mile radius. It seems, that I'd have to wait to purchase any goodies, so I thought I'd let my stomach suffer and move on.

When at the beach, there are some things that you just can't go without. For example, some people love going to the arcades and on the 2p and 10p machines. If you saw from yesterday, that person would be me. However, there are other things that just scream British seaside, and one of them, being Mini-golf is a perfect opportunity to be competitive and at the same time enjoy a good break from the hustle and bustle of the streets.
As you can tell, between Molly and I, it seems I'm clearly the pro as I'm not aiming at the camera, and more at the hole. And yes, Molly did get a few holes, but that was only when I blindfolded myself, went into a handstand and played only with my feet.

So, you've finished a few games of mini golf, and some of the crowds have died down. Time to eat. But, there are so many things to chose from. Do you go for Ice Cream? Do you go for the diddy little bitty doughnuts smothered in sugar? Do you just go for a coffee? or Do you go for all 3?

Seems about right.

So you find yourself walking down the sea front, the sun is starting to set, and you have ice creams, coffees, doughnuts... what more can you want. Until you find yourself reaching the top of the hill, and experience some of the most breathtaking sites that make you forget just how incredible Britain really is as a country.

forget about ASBO's and riots and the hatred for politicians. Think more of what makes Britain great! Like our second to none culture, our diversity, our incredible way of stealing another countries food and making it our most popular dish (chicken korma). And even, if you're really going in deep, just think about how beautiful our country really is (not so much how cold the water is).
You do this, and I guarantee, you will not find a place that fits so perfectly in your heart that if it was allowed, you'd probably marry it.

If you're thinking about where these photos have been taken, this is all Southsea, Portsmouth, from Southsea Common to Old Portsmouth, just along the seafront. 

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What do you want to see?

- Oli

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