Sunday, 9 March 2014

How to Cheat the Penny Machines at Arcades

If you love seaside arcades as much as us, you'll love this.

So Oli and I have a complete obsession with winning toys at the arcades down at the seafront. Even if we go there and spend a couple of pounds, we can guarantee ourselves hours of fun with our little hack on how to make your game, last hours and not 10 minutes. All it really takes, is the spare change in your wallet, quick fingers, and a little bit of patience. When it's over, sure, you've spent your money, but you've left with a smile on your face and a few goodies to take home and put on your shelf.

Here are our 5 Steps to Winning on Penny Machines

Step 1: Find a machine with lots of money hanging over
This is for obvious reasons of course, because you want to win, not feed the machine all your 2p's and wave goodbye.

Step 2: Make sure it has this sort of coin slot
This is the most important step out of all four. Keep reading to see why.

Step 3: Fill up your money pot with 2p's
This may look expensive, but if you use the 20p's and 10p's and the 50p's in your wallet, you can spend £3 or £4 max, have a lighter wallet and be able to have more fun than sitting front row in Ryan Gosling's next film. Now that, is fun.

Step 4: Fill the coin slot with money
This possibly could be the easiest, and the most fun step. Fill it up, and get them down that little slot at the top as quick as possible. This will overload the machine, sending it crazy and crashing money everywhere. Usually there are two slots, (one either side), so take a friend, and both go to town on the machines.
At first, this won't work, but the more you put in, the more full the machine gets, and the more easy it is to make money where only a few coins will send 10 falling down.

Step 5: Collect coins and move to the next machine
If you do that correct, within a few pounds spend, money and toys will come tumbling down. This toy fell down with only about 40p spent. 
We went armed with only £4.20 and spent almost 90minutes at the machines. That's cheaper and more fun than Ryan Gosling. Maybe not as attractive, but more fun.
Once you've cleared out the machine of toys, collect your coins you've won, move on to the next machine and rinse everything. If you beat our record of 26 toys from £5, send us your pictures, and you may feature in a future blog post.

- Molly

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